The Marshlands

Seas began to rise. Major cities now lie submerged and abandoned. In Britain, much of the surviving population take refuge in government ‘safe camps’… for the younger generation, this life is all they have ever known. However, there are those who fend for themselves outside the compounds and fight back against the establishment, determined to expose dark secrets. After a freak accident during a rebel attack, residents of Malpas Fort Facility find themselves in the midst of civil war, and are forced to decide which side of the fence is safer.  

Director: Darren Bransford
Creator & Writer: Katherine Scott-Williams
StarringMia McKenna-Bruce, Michael Redmond, Jack Baggs, Connor Catchpole, Anita Olatunji, Fabienne Piolini-Castle, Mehdi Haghzare, Johnny Sachon, Katherine Scott-Williams, Raymond Bethley, Elena Valentine
Genre: Drama