Sorority wins 7 awards including Best Original Score at Scotland IFC

SORORITY won 7 awards this weekend at the Scotland International Festival of Cinema, including recognition Derek’s score in the form of the Alan Parsons Award for Best Original Score.

The film’s other winners included Kate Dickie winning Best Supporting Actress, Sam Gittins for Best Supporting Actor and director James Webber and the rest of the cast for Best Ensemble Cast.

The film also received honourable mentions in the form of the Vanguard Awards for Best Film, Best Director and Best Supporting Actress for Sophie Kennedy Clark.

Derek is thrilled to have won his first award and to be so prestigiously associated with the legendary Alan Parsons (Abbey Road, Dark Side of the Moon).

Many thanks to Scotland IFC and the grand jury of phenomenal industry legends for the recognition and a great festival!

SORORITY is available to watch on Amazon Prime Video and the score to the film is available on all major streaming platforms.