Derek Kirkup | Creative Coach

Helping creative practitioners overcome anxiety and self-doubt to find emotional freedom and creative fulfilment.


I’m Derek Kirkup, a composer and musician, and I also love helping others to overcome anxiety and find greater flow, authenticity and freedom in their creative practice.

I have spent over fifteen years with a foot in both the music industry and in the self-development world, with five years of experience as a Samaritan before completing a foundation year in counselling.

Further to this, I have spent over a decade  healing and learning from my own complex trauma and rehabilitating my creative practice from one of complex burden to one of freedom and authenticity. I’ve very much lived it, made all the mistakes and taken all the wrong turns so that you don’t have to.

I can help you let go of limiting beliefs, release your creative flow and potential, and help you to relieve yourself of anxiety so that your creative practice becomes one of deep fulfilment and growth.

Whatever your discipline, I will be able to help you.

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Whatever your story, I can help you...

Relieve Anxiety

Change your relationship to overwhelming feelings and navigate life with greater ease.

Improve Self-Image

Form an unshakeable foundation
of your true self.

Gain Self-Confidence

Gain confidence as you learn to
trust your intuition and wisdom.

Creative Clarity, Purpose and Vision

Crystalise what drives and fascinates
you and let go to this journey.

Overcome Negative, Limiting Beliefs

Identify mental blockages that
inhibit your freedom and flow.

Connect with Your body

Trust the aliveness of your body and let it
energise you in the direction of your vision.


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What My Clients Say about Me:

Derek’s coaching has helped me find more clarity and purpose, both personally and in my creative endeavours. It feels clear that he embodies all the qualities he encourages in others. He listens with an open and calm conscientiousness, and suggested avenues for thought and reflection which I do not think I could have found on my own. Ultimately, these sessions have helped me to let go, find direction and discover more honest ways of being.
Derek has an exceptional gift - the ability to listen, understand and give clarity to what you are thinking and feeling. He invited me to bring meaning into my work in a way that helped me to trust my own creative instincts. I have thoroughly enjoyed our time together and know that his wisdom will resonate with me for many years to come.
Lyricist and Recording Artist
I left the UK in 2022 and made the difficult choice to move to Canada. I don't think I would have had the confidence or determination to make this personal goal happen, but thankfully Derek was a consistently positive voice in my life, a patient and insightful presence who ultimately helped me put my life back into my own hands.
Improv Performer and Teacher

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